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From an efficiency standpoint, Bitcoin is not the perfect contraption. A number of initiatives to improve the BTC “performance issue” have been tested or deployed on Bitcoin and various altcoins, but the winning recipe is still up in the air.

Bitcoin’s UTXO model is a brilliant way to verify transactions and protect the security of the network from attack vectors like double spend, but it’s an expensive solution. Under the UTXO model, any amount of Bitcoin sent to a wallet is unique from other incoming BTC. …

A fun meme that walks the line of hilarity & serious informational purposes.

Bitcoin was first envisioned to be a “peer-to-peer electronic cash system”, but as the network grew and problems arose, the agenda instead shifted towards “digital gold”. In pursuit of the original function, proponents forked to Bitcoin Cash. However, BCH just scratches the surface.

For several years, individuals in the Bitcoin community have gone back and forth over methods to increase the blocksize in order to increase transaction throughput and better prepare the network for worldwide adoption. …

Please update your DeVault wallets to 1.0.2 before the end of the month. This is a mandatory update for all users of the network.

The update includes upstream Bitcoin-ABC code as well as a few bug fixes, a bit of code refactoring, and updates for the new RPC command ‘getmyrewardinfo’ which displays estimates as to the users future Cold Rewards.

Some of the Bitcoin-ABC updates include:
Remove Safe Mode
[schnorr] Refactor the signature process in reusable component
Merge #12630: Provide useful error message if datadir is not writable
Using addresses in createmultisig is now deprecated. Use -deprecatedrpc=createmultisig to get the old behavior.
Various other ABC updates, see for merged commits

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Introducing DeVault; a digital economy built by users, for users. A true community based proof-of-work project.

DeVault is an experimental peer-to-peer digital cash project built with the goal of harnessing the collective knowledge and intrinsic value of the p2p economy. Creating an ever growing Multi-DAO system geared towards educating, on-boarding and supporting the cryptocurrency adopters of today and tomorrow.

In DeVault, the focus is placed on…


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