But first, a short backstory.

We first launched in July 2019 into one of the harshest bear markets ever seen, and we’ve always had people suggest we should as a community be funding large centralized exchange applications and listings, which on the surface may sound super wonderful, simple and good for everyone, right?

Wrong. While centralized exchanges (CEX) can offer many benefits over P2P or Atomic Swap based trading, they are far inferior in areas such as personal security for users, privacy and especially cheaper use with less middlemen along the way.

We have always focused on a more grassroots, community based approach that respects…

DeFi as a path to liquidity. Less reliance on CEX’s.

We’ve always made it a point to avoid going the traditional route and selling out the future of our users for short term gains via exchange listings simply due to a few reasons; the main one being how costly it is on the future users by giving exchanges so much control over the markets through wash trading or negative market making. As you’ve heard many times exchanges can be hacked, wash traded on or even dumped in a coordinated fashion as we’ve recently seen with XRP. …

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From an efficiency standpoint, Bitcoin is not the perfect contraption. A number of initiatives to improve the BTC “performance issue” have been tested or deployed on Bitcoin and various altcoins, but the winning recipe is still up in the air.

Bitcoin’s UTXO model is a brilliant way to verify transactions and protect the security of the network from attack vectors like double spend, but it’s an expensive solution. Under the UTXO model, any amount of Bitcoin sent to a wallet is unique from other incoming BTC. When Bitcoin is sent out of the wallet, some combination of existing “chunks” or UTXOs of Bitcoin are use, and “change” is returned if the sum of UTXO’s exceeds the desired output size (you can combine a UTXO, but you cannot split without sending a transaction to do so).

In real world terms, Bitcoin…

A fun meme that walks the line of hilarity & serious informational purposes.

Bitcoin was first envisioned to be a “peer-to-peer electronic cash system”, but as the network grew and problems arose, the agenda instead shifted towards “digital gold”. In pursuit of the original function, proponents forked to Bitcoin Cash. However, BCH just scratches the surface.

For several years, individuals in the Bitcoin community have gone back and forth over methods to increase the blocksize in order to increase transaction throughput and better prepare the network for worldwide adoption. However, without an immediate concern, earlier proposals like Bitcoin XT failed to garner adequate support to come into play.

In 2017, alongside the larger explosion of the cryptocurrency space, Bitcoin finally began to see a growing problem of network congestion. As more users were on-boarding to Bitcoin, placing trades, and transacting in BTC, transaction fees ballooned and throughput had reached capacity. …

We are constantly working on keeping the DeVault Core and Light wallets up to date and this update is simply that, lots of small updates. Please download your new wallet today from and/or simply use direct links from our Github account below:

DeVault Core 1.1.4 is here!

This time around we have a minor update with tons of upstream Bitcoin-ABC code:

This release includes the following features and fixes since 1.1.3 release:

  • Miscellaneous changes
  • CMake build updates
  • Speed up unit test builds
  • Added ARM64 binaries for 64-bit arm devices like the RPi4

Upstream bitcoin-abc updates

DeLight 4.0.11 (DeVault Electrum Lightwallet) is now Available with the following updates:



What is DeVault?

Expanding on what Bitcoin offers in terms of ‘banking the unbanked’, we thought it only fair to create something FAR MORE inclusive than Bitcoin to help this goal become reality. While we’re at it, we may as well unbank the banked too though by providing systems that are superior to those that we have now not only in terms of security, but accessibility.

Enter DeVault, DeVault is peer-to-peer digital cash, with an emphasis on fair, wide distribution, community voting through a 1 coin = 1 vote system, and inclusive rewards system which will be explained below.

DeVault was launched into… or

11 Days ago we released an updated version of the Qt Wallet with some updates surrounding the hierarchical deterministic (HD) wallets, interface changes and some updates to menus as well as the ability to create 24 word seeds.

Below is a list from Github:
1) Allows users to restore a wallet using either 12 or 24 word (BIP 32/39/44) phrases
While typing each word, the user will get verification the word is a valid word (part of the set)
2) For new wallets, ensures that users verify their word phrase (12 or 24 words) before allowing wallet use.
This is done in…

Please update your DeVault wallets to 1.0.2 before the end of the month. This is a mandatory update for all users of the network.

The update includes upstream Bitcoin-ABC code as well as a few bug fixes, a bit of code refactoring, and updates for the new RPC command ‘getmyrewardinfo’ which displays estimates as to the users future Cold Rewards.

Some of the Bitcoin-ABC updates include:
Remove Safe Mode
[schnorr] Refactor the signature process in reusable component
Merge #12630: Provide useful error message if datadir is not writable
Using addresses in createmultisig is now deprecated. Use -deprecatedrpc=createmultisig to get the old behavior.
Various other ABC updates, see for merged commits

Please follow us on Twitter @DeVaultCrypto, or join Discord for future updates!

But first a quick summary of Week 1:

It’s been a great first week of the DeVault Economy mainnet launch, so we thought we’d take this opportunity to give a shout out to all of the services that have added us this week as well as release a few bug fixes and quality of life updates for the QT wallet.

A big thank you to services such as, Blockfolio, CoinGecko, CoinExplorer, WorldCoinIndex, EscoDex, SouthXchange,, and all of our wonderful pools for listing DVT so quickly and effortlessly.

SHA256 Pools you can currently mine DVT on include:

The 1.0.1 Wallet Release:

This release includes the following features and fixes since 1.0.0 release:

  • Throw…

Introducing DeVault; a digital economy built by users, for users. A true community based proof-of-work project.

DeVault is an experimental peer-to-peer digital cash project built with the goal of harnessing the collective knowledge and intrinsic value of the p2p economy. Creating an ever growing Multi-DAO system geared towards educating, on-boarding and supporting the cryptocurrency adopters of today and tomorrow.

In DeVault, the focus is placed on the end user in terms of the incentive structure, the voting systems, and in the overall planning process. Unlike Bitcoin where miners are the only governance mechanism or Dash where you need a Masternode to have a vote, we have lowered the barrier to entry to a single coin per…


Community governed cryptocurrency economy for everyone. Learn more @

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